Tree On-site Relocation

MTM offers on-site tree relocation, moved with 90 inch tree spade or box & crane for larger trees. Read More

Most people think of trees as immovable, and for very large trees this is true. There are situations, however, when it is not only possible but highly desirable to relocate a tree. Perhaps you are doing construction, and you would rather not destroy a stately tree. You may discover that a particular tree is ill-equipped to survive in its current location. In order to understand tree relocation, it is important to understand the basic physiology of a tree. Most trees survive by utilizing a nutrient gathering system that includes, but is not limited to, their foliage and their roots. Just as trees need their leaves in order to “breathe” in carbon dioxide, they also need their roots in order to absorb the necessary amount of water and nutrients from the ground. One of the major difficulties involved in a tree relocation project is ensuring that enough of the “root ball” is being extricated in the extraction process. There are a variety of different formulations used for determining how much of the root ball needs to be preserved, most of which take into account the type of tree being relocated, the age, the trunk width, and the relative health of the tree.

Tree Off-site Moving, Transport & Storage

MTM can handle all logistics for moving, shipping and even temporarily storing your tree at our tree farm during your construction project. Read More

When it comes to general tree care and maintenance, moving a tree requires the utmost amount of care and attention. At MTM, we are specialists in taking care of the wide variety flora and trees, and we can assist you with any and all tree moving needs you might have. We will be there from beginning to end to ensure that the tree is moved carefully and that all possible precautions are taken. When moving a tree, it is important to pay special attention to the tree’s roots. There are a few steps that can be taken before you even begin the removal process. A good, thorough watering can help reduce the stress to the tree’s roots, as will the trimming of distressed, dead or diseased limbs. It is also very important to dig a proper hole for the tree’s root ball. Over-trimming the root ball can cause undue stress to the tree, and this can ultimately harm or stunt the tree’s growth and adaptation to its new environment. Once the tree has been planted in its new home, it is important to give it proper care. For instance, newly replanted trees need proper watering–too much or too little water can damage the roots.

Tree Planting, Brokering & Sales

MTM can plant your delivered boxed nursery stock, ranging from 48 inch boxed trees up to 96 inch boxed trees. We also have a large inventory of trees that we can deliver and plant same day. Read More

MTM can plant your boxed nursery trees using our tree spade. We can off-load the material, dig receiving hole and plant your tree the same day. We also source large trees from our network of contract growers and clients that have trees available. We can deliver and plant 2 trees at a time, making a large impact on any property. We have a current inventory of large trees, with Coast Live Oaks and Valley Oaks being our specialty. These native trees are low water (after establishment) and grow very well in our California climate. We have transformed many properties in less than a day, adding property value and beauty with trees that would have otherwise been cut down. These "rescued" trees are often available at much less than a similar sized tree would cost you at the nursery. Their prices are for the tree & delivery, you will still need to have a contractor waiting to off-load the tree, dig a hole, plant it correctly, and export excess soil. By the time you are done you may have paid up to 3 times the cost of the actual tree. MTM includes everything in our service pricing, the tree, delivery and planting.

Tree Salvage & Rescue (Donation Program)

MTM offers a service to rescue, and sometimes purchase, your tree, if it is in a location where it has to be removed and can be removed by a large truck-mounted tree spade. The tree must be of good health and structure and be of a species that will be appropriate for resale. Please see details for Donation program. Read More

Mighty Tree Movers will remove your tree without any expense to you or will pay you for the tree! If the value of the tree exceeds the expense to remove it, we will pay you the difference in cash. You will save the expense of having someone to cut it down and haul away the debris. If you are removing a tree that has outgrown its existing space, or soon will, we can replace the tree with one more suitable to your tastes or your landscaping requirements. Please view our Tree Gallery for examples of current trees that have been saved. Our donation program is aimed at saving our valuable trees, contributing to our communities and making an impact where everyone benefits. If you are part of a non-profit organization, or even one that exists to make a positive impact to others and has a need for a mature tree, give us a call. We have a quarterly lottery where your company or organization may receive a tree for free. Examples are parks, schools, non-profits, children's hospitals, anywhere where the tree will have a positive impact to our bay area community.

Arborist Services

MTM has an arborist involved in every job. Services range from tree inventory/reporting, to root barrier installation, to tree assessment. No tree removal or trimming services available. Having an Arborist involved with any tree move is essential.




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